Electric Pop Punk

Sarit Shatzky a talented Israeli musician, singer and songwriter, based in Berlin since 2011.

Born in Jerusalem, trained at the highest classical piano school since the age of 6, yet,at 16 founded her first Punk band.

Later on, alongside her developing career as a solo artist, singer/songwriter, dancer and a choreographer, she was a a member of iconic Israeli rock bands ‘Infekzia’ and ‘Eatliz’.

Led by her own music to Berlin, she formed ‘Alles Klar!’, a provocative electric slut-punk duo.

They were Performing in Berlin’s clubs such as ‘Wild at Heart’ and ‘White Trash Fast Food’ they performed as well in big events such as ‘Berlinale interfilm festival party’, ‘Ploetzlisch am Meer’, ‘Schaubudensommer’  and the ‘International Hedonist World Kongress Festival’.

Now, with “SCHATZKI”, her new musical project with Kooki Salinas (Kooki isbased in Israel), they present upbeat POP  while not compromising its gritty criticism.

Expressing a unique voice combining glam euphoria and provocative food-for thought.

The pumping electronic rhythm is undeniable, while crisp vocals break through the background of juicy synth bass lines, shimmering keyboards and harsh guitar walls –

making you think while you dance.

The New Electric Pop Punk Music Album -Schatzki

Here you can hear the new songs, composed and wrote by Sarit schatzki and produced by Kooki Salinas

Mental Waste

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You Can Kiss

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Bad Girl

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